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Fitness hydrating tips in Nigeria

Fitness Hydration Tips in Nigeria

If you’ve ever spent any time working out or just walking around in Nigeria, you’ll notice that the heat is no joke. In conditions like this, staying hydrated isn’t just a health tip; it’s a lifeline.

In the human body, water is essential for regulating temperature, aiding digestion, and even keeping your skin glowing. And let’s not forget, it’s even more critical during physical activity.

In hot and humid climates like Nigeria’s, you could be losing water much faster than you realize. That’s why we need to talk about how to stay hydrated, particularly while getting your fitness game on.

In this article, we will explain in detail some general hydration tips you should know.

The Importance of Proper Hydration in Fitness

Water is the first thing that comes to mind when considering proper hydration. However, during exercise, the human body can lose up to 2.5 ml of fluid filled with essential ions through sweat, which can lead to dehydration.

Water alone isn’t sufficient to replace these lost ions. That’s where Pocari Sweat comes in. It’s formulated to replenish both water and the essential ions lost during perspiration. Did you know that hydration is important for children too? Well, it is. 

General Fitness Hydration Tips

  • Start Hydrated

Before you think about hitting the gym, jogging, or even doing a home workout, ensure you’re well-hydrated. Start by drinking Pocari Sweat about 30 minutes before your activity. This primes your system, making sure you’re not already on the back foot when you start to sweat.

  • Monitor Fluid Loss

Have you ever wondered why athletes weigh themselves before and after workouts? It’s to gauge fluid loss. This trick isn’t just for the pros; you can do it too. Weigh yourself before and after your physical activity.

The weight you’ve lost is likely the fluid you’ve sweated out, and you need to put it back in your system. Remember, when you’re sweating buckets, especially in our Nigerian heat, you’re losing more than just water; you’re losing essential ions, which is where an ION supply drink like Pocari Sweat comes in handy.   

  • Drink Regularly

One common mistake is waiting until you’re thirsty to hydrate. By that point, you could already be on your way to dehydration. So, here’s the plan: set a timer or use your workout breaks as cues to take small sips.

If you’re out for a long run or cycle, carry a small bottle of Pocari Sweat with you and make it a point to sip regularly. This way, you’re constantly refilling your tank, ensuring you’ve got the stamina and focus to make it through your session.

  • Hydration Packs

For those who love long-distance running, hiking, or cycling, Pocari Sweat should be a major component of your hydration pack. A hydration pack filled with an ion supply drink like Pocari Sweat is ideal.

It’s a worthy investment if you’re serious about your fitness and hydration, so what are you waiting for? Go grab a bottle of Pocari Sweat today. 


Staying hydrated is non-negotiable, especially in hot, humid environments like Nigeria. Always start your physical activities well-hydrated and monitor your fluid loss by weighing yourself before and after.

Make it a habit to drink regularly during your workouts, and consider hydration packs or sports drinks like Pocari Sweat for longer sessions. Remember, proper hydration isn’t just about comfort; it’s vital for optimal health and performance.