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IONs, Water and Our Body

A Balance Between

Our Body, Water and IONs

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Your body fluid composition

The fluid of our body contains not only water, but also various ions such as sodium. It is for this reason that sweat is salty. Therefore, when you sweat, you lose IONs along with water, so the ion balance in your body is disrupted which leads to dehydration.

What happens when you sweat?

Whether it’s playing sports or working under the scorching sun, we sweat a lot.

When 3% of fluid in the body is lost, symptoms such as strong thirst, absent-mindedness, and loss of appetite occur, and when 4-5% is lost, dehydration symptoms such as fatigue, headache, and dizziness appear. And if you lose more than 10%, it may lead to death.

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Why your body needs an ION supply drink.

Drinking water alone dilutes the IONs in your body. When you don’t restore your body’s lost electrolytes, it can lead to dehydration.

That’s why Pocari Sweat which contain IONs is a good drink when you sweat because it replenishes your IONs and prevents dehydration.