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What is Pocari Sweat

POCARI SWEAT is an isotonic drink, which can restore lost body fluids & ions

Where is POCARI SWEAT from?

Pocari Sweat is an ION supply drink from Otsuka, a leading pharmaceuticals company headquartered in Japan

Why is it called POCARI SWEAT?

"POCARI" does not have any specific meaning, but conveys a light and bright feeling in Japanese. "SWEAT" is a reminder that the beverage replaces the important water and ions that are lost through perspiration.

Is POCARI SWEAT the same as energy drink?

Not. POCARI SWEAT plays a role in quickly restoring body fluids & ions, not for increasing stamina like energy drinks. Besides, POCARI SWEAT is not addictive

What are the benefits of drinking POCARI SWEAT?

Lack of body fluids can reduce endurance, performance and digestive disorders. POCARI SWEAT has a composition similar to body fluids so that it is absorbed more quickly and quickly replaces lost body fluids and ions. That way, health can be better maintained and activities run smoothly.


The fluid in our bodies contains not just water but also various ions. When we sweat, for example, we lose water and ions from our bodies. POCARI SWEAT contains a balance of water and ions that is close to that of body fluid, enabling smooth replenishment of lost moisture and ions. If you just drink water after sweating a lot, your body fluid becomes thin and diluted. In order to stop this trend, the body causes thirst to disappear, and sometimes stops absorbing water.

Once opened, how long can POCARI SWEAT be stored?

It is not recommended to store POCARI SWEAT for too long, because air from outside can enter the package when it is opened. If you want to store again, cover tightly and preferably stored in the refrigerator.


Once opened, store the product in the refrigerator and consume within 2-3 days after opening.

However, if you drink it with your mouth, bacteria in your mouth may enter the bottle and multiply, so do not store it after opening and drink it on the same day.

Does POCARI SWEAT contain soda/preservatives/artificial sweeteners?

No it does not

How should POCARI SWEAT be stored?

In the refrigerator / chiller, or in a cool place (not exposed to direct sunlight).

How much POCARI SWEAT can I drink in 1 day?

There is no limit to consumption in 1 day, because the fluid needs of each person's body are different.

There is no particular limit on the amount you can drink. If you are on a sugar or salt-restricted diet due to obesity or high blood pressure, consult with doctor your daily limits when drinking Pocari Sweat, because it contains salt and sugar

Is drinking POCARI SWEAT healthy?

Pocari Sweat is an ion supply drink that is absolutely safe for health because:

  • Has a composition of water and ions, similar to your sweat or body fluids.
  • Low sugar and calories.
  • Developed on the basis of scientific research solutions in Japan
  • Is a product of the leading pharmaceutical corporation in Japan, Otsuka.

How long does POCARI SWEAT remain drinkable after the cap has been opened?

Since POCARI SWEAT contains no chemical preservatives, you should finish the bottle on the same day you open it, if you touch your mouth to the bottle when drinking it. If you pour the beverage into another container before drinking it and keep the remainder in a refrigerator, we suggest finishing the bottle in two to three days. It is best to choose a size that you can finish in a reasonably short time.

What are ions? How is it different from an electrolyte?

Ions are electrolytes, namely mineral salts (such as sodium, chloride, calcium, potassium, and magnesium) that are naturally present in our bodies.

Electrolytes in our bodies will break down into ions, both positively and negatively charged and are important for helping all processes in the body. This electrolyte cannot be produced by the body itself, so it must be taken from outside through food / drink.

What is the proof that our body contains electrolytes

Our body fluids have a salty taste (such as tears and sweat)

What are the essential IONs in our body

Ions are electrolytes. Similar to the composition and concentration of body fluids, Pocari Sweat also contains ions such as sodium, chloride, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

Why do isotonic drinks have to contain salt?

In principle, the composition of the sugar-electrolyte drink consists of water-sugar-salt, including infusion and ORS. Salt in isotonic drinks serves to replace body ions that are lost with fluids so that the fluid balance between water & ions is maintained. If you only drink water, then the electrolyte levels in body fluids become too dilute so that the body will get rid of excess fluid. This can make the body become dehydrated (Voluntary Dehydration).

What is an isotonic drink?

Isotonic drinks are drinks that have the same salt sugar content as body fluids. With this level equation, the fluid pressure given will be the same as the body fluid pressure, which affects the rate of absorption.

When can we drink isotonic drinks?

Anytime you lose body fluids due to daily activities.

What is an ION supply drink?

POCARI SWEAT - ion supply drink from Japan is a drink with the composition of water and essential ions (Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Chlorine) similar to body fluids rehydrates quickly, dispels thirst, and brings a feeling of refreshment.

How much POCARI SWEAT can I drink in 1 day?

There is no limit to consumption in 1 day, because the fluid needs of each person's body are different

Why are IONs drinks good for the body when you sweat?

Pocari Sweat is an ion-balanced drink that is close to the water (body fluids) in the body, so it can smoothly replenish the water and ions lost through sweating, etc., and quickly and gently moisturize our bodies. When it's hot, people sweat to regulate their body temperature. In order for it to work properly, it is important that there is a sufficient amount of body fluid and that the balance between water and ions, that is, the concentration of body fluid is always constant. When you sweat, you lose ions, mainly sodium and chloride (salt), along with water. If you drink only water, the balance between water and ions in your body fluids will be disrupted, and your body fluids will become thinner and thinner.

When should we drink POCARI SWEAT?

Whenever we lose body fluids at any time for 24 hours, regardless of activity; indoors, outdoors, even during sleep and also when sick.- You can drink Pocari Sweat anytime, anywhere, whenever your body needs rehydration. Typical occasions:

  • Do exercise.
  • Sunstroke, heat stroke.
  • Cold, fever.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Daily rehydration.

Is it okay to drink POCARI SWEAT everyday?

There is no limit to how much you can drink. Pocari Sweat PET bottle contains 25 kcal of energy, 6.2 g of carbohydrates, and 49 mg of sodium per 100 ml, so if you are obese, have diabetes, have high blood pressure, or have dietary restrictions, please take this into consideration before using.

You sweat out 1l-2.5l per hour and lose IONs when exercising at high intensity in hot temperatures. This leads to dehydration. Dehydration lowers sweating so the ability to cool the body is reduced. If you drink only water, the balance between water and ions in your body fluids will be disrupted. That’s why you need Pocari Sweat. Drinking POCARI SWEAT helps replenish lost IONs so that your body processes will run smoothly

Why do we get cramps during exercise, for example in running?

Cramps in the muscles can occur due to lack of heating, too forced or lack of electrolytes. To prevent cramps due to dehydration, we should drink before, during and after exercise.

Because even during sleep we can lose body fluids, not only through urine, but also sweat, breathing and evaporation from the skin. Dehydration can make the blood thicker, so that when you wake up in the morning the body feels uncomfortable, sore, etc.

Why do we need to drink POCARI SWEAT when fasting?

When we fast, we cannot drink or eat for approximately 12 hours, making us susceptible to dehydration. Dehydration can inhibit our activities because it can lead to rapid fatigue, difficulty in focusing and even dizziness. Drinking POCARI SWEAT at dawn and while breaking fast can help us maintain adequate body fluids and ions during our fast, so that our body processes will run smoothly. This is because the ions in POCARI SWEAT causes the body to retain its liquid longer, thus making it harder for us to get dehydrated.

Why is water not enough for hydration?

If you drink only water, the balance between water and ions in your body fluids will be disrupted, and your body fluids will become thinner and thinner. Your body then tries to quench your thirst and prevent the thinning of your fluids. On top of that, in an attempt to restore the concentration of body fluids, excess water is excreted from the body as urine. As a result, it is not possible to restore sufficient fluid volume. This phenomenon is called spontaneous dehydration.

If I sit all day, do I have to drink Pocari Sweat?

Just by being alive, people evaporate water from their exhaled breath and the surface of their skin. This water loss is called insensible perspiration, and we normally lose about 900ml per day. This is different from sweat, and the amount lost from the skin is greater when sweating due to fever etc. Therefore, it is important to replenish water when you have a fever such as a cold.

If I drink Pocari Sweat and alcohol together, will I get sick more easily?

Drinking Pocari Sweat and alcohol together will not make you more likely to get drunk. However, alcohol has a diuretic effect, and there are reports that more urine is produced than the amount of water you drink, so it is thought that it is easy to become dehydrated. Therefore, POCARI SWEAT is suitable as a drink for replenishing fluids and electrolytes that are lost through urine, etc. when drinking alcohol. POCARI SWEAT is absorbed into the body faster than plain water

Can POCARI SWEAT be taken by children?

Yes, for children over 1 year old

Can POCARI SWEAT cause stomach ulcers or stomach pain?

No. Ulcer disease is caused by irregular eating patterns or the burden of thought/stress and not from consuming too many acidic foods/drinks. Late eating / stress causes an increase in stomach acid, causing discomfort in the stomach. Although POCARI SWEAT tastes a bit sour, it is still acceptable to the stomach.

Is it when we stop drinking POCARI SWEAT we become addicted?

No, because POCARI SWEAT does not contain ingredients that can cause addiction.

Can drinking too much POCARI SWEAT cause obesity?

No. The sugar content in POCARI SWEAT provides calories that are not large enough as a facilitator so that water and ions can be absorbed by the body faster. So, the function of sugar in POCARI SWEAT is not as a sweetener.

Can POCARI SWEAT be taken together with drugs or supplements?

POCARI SWEAT can be consumed with drugs as long as the drug label does not say prohibiting it to be consumed together with isotonic drinks or there is no drug interaction with isotonic drinks. The most appropriate way to find out information on interactions between drugs and isotonic drinks is to look at the drug label first or consult a doctor.

Depending on the type of medicine, the effect of the medicine may be affected. Take medicines with a glass of water or lukewarm water according to the instructions of your doctor or pharmacist.

Can POCARI SWEAT be taken by pregnant and lactating mothers?

POCARI SWEAT can be consumed by pregnant women, regardless of gestational age and breastfeeding mothers. Even POCARI SWEAT can also be consumed by mothers after giving birth, so that fluid loss during childbirth can be replaced. POCARI SWEAT is made based on scientific research in Japan, and is produced with sophisticated and hygienic technology, so it is SAFE to be consumed by pregnant and lactating women. Besides, POCARI SWEAT is also preservative-free.

Can isotonic drinks be consumed by those who have certain diseases?

Actually everyone, even those with health problems such as diabetes, hypertension and so on, also need to replace the fluids and ions the body loses throughout the day. However, to find out how much POCARI SWEAT can be consumed, the person concerned should consult a doctor/nutritionist, especially those who know the history and condition of the disease in question

Can POCARI SWEAT be taken by the elderly?

Yes. If there are health problems, it is advisable to consult with the treating doctor and find out the history of the disease in question.

Is POCARI SWEAT a substitute for ORS during diarrhea?

No, because POCARI SWEAT is not a drug. When we have diarrhea we lose a lot of body fluids that must be replaced quickly and ORS is the recommended drug. If ORS is not available at that time, the patient can be given POCARI SWEAT first as first aid, instead of being given plain water. Once there is ORS, the patient can be given ORS according to the instructions for use. This is also recommended by WHO in the guidelines for handling diarrhea patients.

There is no particular limit on the amount you can drink. If you are on a sugar or salt-restricted diet due to obesity or high blood pressure, consult with doctor your daily limits when drinking Pocari Sweat, because it contains salt and sugar

Why do we have to drink POCARI SWEAT during fever?

When suffering from fever, we lose a lot of body fluids due to cell leakage, coupled with bleeding, fever, vomiting and urination. If this fluid loss is not replaced, the patient becomes weak and some functions / processes in the body will decrease. For example, the process of maturation of platelet cells which will stop bleeding becomes slow, prolonged high fever, etc. which can be fatal.

Can you get diabetes if you drink too much Pocari Sweat

Diabetes is caused by a variety of factors and among that, Pocari Sweat is not a direct cause of diabetes. Pocari Sweat is a drink that contains salt and sugar and provides about 27 kilocalories per 100 milliliters (for Pocari Sweat PET). For people at risk of diabetes, drinking Pocari Sweat is not the only thing to consider. Please get consultations from doctors or medical experts about your entire lifestyle, including eating and drinking habits.

Can diabetics drink Pocari Sweat?

100ml of Pocari Sweat contains low sugar (6.1g) as well as provides about 27kcal/ 100ml (Pocari Sweat PET) to help absorb ions and electrolytes into the intestinal wall as well as blood vessels and cells in the body.

For people with diabetes, or individuals with relatives with diabetes, need to consult with your doctor, dietitian about the dosage of Pocari Sweat to be used in the day in combination with the schedule and appropriate diet and well suited.