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Short-Distance Running Fatigue: Causes and Solutions

woman tired after short distance run

You can get tired while running a short distance for many reasons. Some of the reasons include dehydration, insufficient warm-up, and poor nutrition. Understanding and addressing this fatigue is critical to optimize performance and prevent injuries. In this guide, I’ll highlight reasons for fatigue while running a short distance and how you can tackle it. […]

4 Ways To Increase Running Speed and Stamina

A young man running

Runners, whether new or seasoned, all dream of becoming faster and enduring more. Why? Because these two elements form the crux of a great running performance. Proper hydration is crucial for boosting performance. To do your best, work hard, and fuel your body with the right stuff, such as a good sports drink. Don’t forget […]

The link between hydration and injury prevention in running

A lady resting from an exercise

As a runner, you know how important it is to stay hydrated during your workouts. But did you know that staying properly hydrated can also help prevent injuries? When we become dehydrated, our muscles and joints become more prone to injury. This is because dehydration can lead to muscle fatigue, reduced joint lubrication, and decreased […]

The importance of Ion replenishment in post-run recovery

Image of a sports lady sitting on the ground holding her ankle.

After a long run, it’s essential to prioritize recovery to allow the body to heal and prepare for the next workout. One key element of recovery is replenishing the ions lost during exercise. Pocari Sweat can assist in achieving this by restoring lost ions and balancing hydration levels during post-run recovery. Drinking Pocari Sweat after […]